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My aim and passion is to change peoples perception of health and fitness through a fully personalised method of personal training and coaching. As an experienced personal trainer and OPEX CCP Coach, I am focused on helping my clients lead the most fulfilled and best life they possibly can. I do this by offering a fully individualised fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programme, providing you with personalised workouts that will improve your strength and function, maximise your cardiovascular potential and help you move better for the rest of your life. All written and designed based entirely on your personal assessments and goals.

The most effective way to receive long lasting support and results is to choose the right coach for you, on a professional and personal level. You will see that from our first conversation and our first scheduled assessment that you will be my sole focus and your goals will be the top priority from the beginning of our health and fitness journey and relationship.

With a new approach and evolution to personal training and coaching, I will take personalisation to the next level in an environment that teaches you to take ownership of your health and fitness and let failure or quitting become words of the past.


Weight loss was not my primary goal and actually even gained 0.2 kg. BUT, I lost 3.8% body fat and increased my muscle mass by 2.5 kg!

My physical age improved by 8 years younger & I lost over 5cm off each area of my stomach.


Works in IT

Primary goal was just to move more and feel better. Christian taught me how to add movement and healthy lifestyle habits he calls BLGs into my daily routine. I could lower my body fat down over 7% and my muscle mass increased nicely.

I feel stronger and fitter than I have felt in years and now turning 50 and feeling fitter than when I was 45 is just amazing to me!


Office worker

We all have to start somewhere and thats the scary part but I
can tell you for sure that Christian knows exactly how to get you started and moving in the right direction.

He has been there for me through the good and bad times and he is more than a coach to me, he is my friend and my listener.


Mother, Teacher


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Am I the best trainer for you?

Come to my studio and meet me for a coffee, a chat and free consultation and you can decide if I am the right fit for you!